Prospective Educator Partners

Mr. Ivan Douglas (second from the left), teacher and program director at Eastern Senior High School with students on the first LearnServe South Africa trip in 2017.

Prospective Educator Partners

How do we prepare our students to thrive in a world that requires them to think outside the box? Young people are not the leaders of tomorrow — they’re the leaders of today. How do we empower students to take action on the issues that matter to them most?

LearnServe International is creating a culture of youth-led social innovation in the Washington, DC area. Through interconnected programs, we equip students from diverse backgrounds with the business skills, vision, and tenacity to tackle social challenges at home and abroad.

How can my students get involved? +

High school students at public, independent, and charter schools in the Washington, DC area  (grades 9-12) are eligible to apply for the LearnServe Fellows and LearnServe Abroad  programs. LearnServe Fellows complete a year of extracurricular training to design and launch social ventures. Students with social ventures in progress may join the LearnServe Incubator to further develop their ideas. LearnServe Abroad deepens students’ understanding of social innovation in a global context, through trips to Jamaica, Paraguay, South Africa, and Zambia. Information for students is available here.

How can I bring social entrepreneurship to my school? +

Seeding Social Innovation brings social entrepreneurship into the classroom. LearnServe offers training, lesson plans, rubrics, and student workbook materials to educators so that they can teach social entrepreneurship as an elective course, or as an action-oriented unit within an existing class. Our school-based model makes the social venture and design process accessible to all students. Public, independent, and charter schools across the Washington, DC area teach Seeding Social Innovation, at both the middle school and high school level.

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As an educator, how can I join the LearnServe community? +

LearnServe welcomes educators from across the Washington, DC region into our community of area leaders, entrepreneurs, changemakers, teachers, students, and families invested in youth-led social innovation.

Nominate students for our Fellows, Incubator, and Abroad programs! Come meet us in person at a LearnServe event. Join our team as a LearnServe Fellows Cohort Leader or LearnServe Abroad Trip Leader. Interested? Contact our Programs Manager Alessandra Clará.

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