After LearnServe

LearnServe Alumna presents her experiences in the LearnServe Paraguay program upon returning to the US.

After LearnServe

What do a concussion detection app, an environmental education program for elementary students, and a college scholarship fund for children of incarcerated parents have in common? They were all proposed and launched by LearnServe high school students. They are now all led by LearnServe alumni.

Since our founding in 2003, 1,500+ students have been reached by LearnServe programs. 4,000+ individuals have engaged in social change work led by LearnServe students or alumni. We are building a vibrant network of entrepreneurs and changemakers, who all got their start with LearnServe.

What are LearnServe alumni doing now?

84% of our alumni report that LearnServe empowered them to take action beyond our programs. 62% of our students volunteer after LearnServe, over half of them in leadership roles.

What are they up to now? LearnServe alumni have founded their own businesses and organizations. They are making an impact at established companies and non-profits. They are pursuing college degrees, masters, and PhDs. Get inspired by our LearnServe Alumni blog!

As an alum, how can I stay in touch?

You are always welcome back to LearnServe! Connect with us and access professional and scholarship opportunities on our social media channels.  Join our Listserve to keep up with what’s new. Stop by our next event to reconnect with old friends and teachers. Explore our volunteer opportunities.

Have a life update? We would love to hear from you. Email us.

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