A Voice that Matters

I wanted to share with you the email I received earlier this month from LearnServe alumna Jessica Sun, now a student at Virginia Tech:

As I strive to make a difference on my campus, the nation, and the world beyond, I wanted to convey the gratitude I carry with me for LearnServe.  LearnServe was the first group of professionals to tell me that I can have an important impact, even though I’m young.  No matter my age, I was told by LearnServe that I have a voice that matters.  

Thank you for believing in me.

To our LearnServe students and alumni: Your voice absolutely matters.  It matters now, more than ever.  I hear your calls for understanding across difference; for equality of education and economic opportunity; for cleaner neighborhoods, air, and water; for safe spaces to share dreams and insecurities.  And so much more.  I believe in you, and in the power of your voice and your actions.

To our LearnServe family: I hope you too are able to see in each of these individuals the remarkable combination of passion, talent, curiosity, empathy, and leadership – of voices that matter, and the impact that follows.  What a powerful force to release into the world!

(Not sure what that looks like?  Check out this year’s Innovators’ Coffee House – our LearnServe Fellows’ elevator pitches – streamed on Facebook Live.)

As we near the end of 2016, I ask you to affirm your belief in these young changemakers – the 1,000 and counting we have had the fortune to work with over the past 13 years, and those we have yet to meet – with a gift to LearnServe.  I ask you to affirm your belief in the transformative power of LearnServe.  I ask you to affirm your commitment to the future we are shaping together.

Planting these seeds of social innovation is incredibly important, and it does not happen automatically.  Your gift – whether it’s $40, $400, or $4,000 – allows LearnServe to help our students and their ideas thrive.  You can make a tax-deductible donation online at

Thank you for your belief in LearnServe and in all of the students we are so honored to work with.

Wishing you happy and restful holidays,

Scott Rechler

P.S.  Let our students know that their voice matters with a gift to LearnServe today.  Thank you.

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