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Zambia 2013, Day 9 – Teaching At Malambu, Touring Monze Farm

Lauren July 3, 2013.     Today was our first day teaching at the Malambu School. I worked with the 5th and 2nd graders. It was fun to be able to work with the same group of students for more than an hour like we did at Chikumbuso. The language barrier was definitely prominent and posed some challenges. They would look at me and say something in their native language, Tonga, and all I could do was nod and smile. It was hard, but because the kids were adorable it was important to find creative ways of communicating. We did things like Legos, playdough, and bubbles. It was stunning to see how excited they were by such simple games. When we walked back to the campground, kids followed us almost the entire way. Tonight weʼll have another camp fire and be able to sleep outside. The stars here are unbelievable. All around great day, and Iʼm excited to go back to Malambu tomorrow.

Lauren B., Sidwell Friends School


Jane Lipscomb Excerpt from Jane: Gaby, Natalie, Sofia, Matthew, Leah, Kaoru, and I went on the farm tour in the afternoon and we got a detailed tour from Kakweyna about the pigs on the farm. We were shown the area where the pregnant pigs live which had about 30 pigs. Kakweyna told us that the gestation period for the pregnant pigs is 3 months, 3 days, and 3 hours! WOAH, RIGHT?! Then Kaoru, Matthew, and I each held a baby piglet. It was a very interesting experience, especially to see the living conditions of the pigs which was nicer than we expected.  Although some of the pigs were extremely big and a little intimidating, the little piglets were undeniably cute and adorable.  Iʼd been wanting to hold a piglet since Iʼd seen pictures from the trip a couple of years ago and was really excited to finally get to do it today! Shout out to Laura and Joe.

Peace out.

Jane L., Sidwell Friends School

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