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Zambia 2013, Day 8 – More Stars Than You Would Ever See

SophiaJuly 2, 2013.    Today we left Livingstone to go to Monze, where we will be teaching for three days at the Malambu School. After 4.5 hours on the bus, we finally arrived at the campsite located on the farm where the school is.  Because some of us were feeling a little sick, we had the option to stay here and rest.  We had lunch and later in the afternoon, we got to meet the teachers from the school who came to meet us and learn what kind of lessons weʼd be teaching in the classrooms the following day.  The people who work at the campsite cook for us and made a delicious dinner. Later in the evening, we sat by a campfire under an amazing sky full of stars, more stars than you would ever see in DC.  It was an eventful but relaxing day and a great way to transition from the touristy part of our trip to being back in the classroom with students.  Weʼre looking forward to meeting the students in the morning!

Sophia S., Edmund Burke School

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