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Jamaica 2013, Day 10 – Friendships

Reilly ThomsonJuly 3, 2013.     Today, we went back to the Allman Hill School and received the kind and acknowledging greeting we had been given the previous day. We were then sent off to the kids’ class rooms where we worked with them on their spelling or played games outside (including futbol). We also continued our work on the playground that had undergone construction two days ago.  We had finished the border of tires around and painted almost all of them, while hired workers came to help with the building of the jungle gym. Once our work for the day was fulfilled, we stopped by a grocery store to stock up on candy, which we ate over newly comfortable and easy conversations at the Bennett’s (our host family with an amazing house to offer us and the owners of the KBC primary school) pool.

Today I most enjoyed the benefits of the newly made friendships I have formed during the trip. Ever since yesterday when we were stating things we liked about each other as a part of our reflection, someone said that I reminded her (by the way saying her isn’t a big hint to who it is because there is only one other guy besides me) of one of her best friends and it was very surprising and touching (not in a cheesy way) for me to learn. But any way, after the conversations today and reflection yesterday, chatting just seemed to come more easily where you don’t really have to try as hard to laugh. It was also nice to know and reassuring that the playground at Allman Hill was going to turn out well and be beneficial to kids there!

Reilly T., Edmund Burke School

One thought on “Jamaica 2013, Day 10 – Friendships

  1. I am so proud of all of you for the work you are all doing there! And having fun and making great friendships. Greg and I have loved reading all your blogs.
    We can’t wait to hear about your trip and see photos when you get back. I love you reilly! Couldn’t be happier for you or more proud of you.

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