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WAMU: “Beating The Odds”

WAMU reporter Kavitha Cardoza profiles Jennifer Hightower, LearnServe Fellows Program and LearnServe Paraguay 2012

“Jennifer Hightower doesn’t take being happy for granted, because for many years she wasn’t.

“You would never think somebody who’s so happy went through stuff that I went through, you would never expect it,” she says.

When Jennifer was little she was confused about why her mother didn’t behave like her friends’ mothers.

“I would be in school and she would come and be rude to teachers. She couldn’t cook something without falling asleep. I didn’t understand how come everybody else’s mothers would go to work during the day and mine wouldn’t. Like what do you do all day? Why don’t you work?

When Jennifer was eight she understood the reason why her teachers looked embarrassed and her friends stared…”

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May 30, 2013

Jennifer Hightower will graduate from Cesar Chavez Public Charter School for Public Policy in 2013.  Jennifer was a participant in both the LearnServe Fellows Program and LearnServe Paraguay program in 2012.  She will head to American University in the fall.

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