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LearnServe Business Partner Publicizes 2013 LearnServe Panels and Venture Fair

“For the past two years, Clean Currents’ staff have been volunteering withLearnServe. The LearnServe program connects high school students from Washington, DC, and Virginia with mentors from the business community to learn how to design and launch their own social ventures.

It has been an exciting couple of month as Clean Currents’ staff, Emily Conrad, Tanya Gulnik, and Kristin Schulz have worked with the students to plan and develop their social ventures. The final step is for the students to pitch their concepts during the 2013 LearnServe Panel and Venture Fair…

‘It has been a wonderful experience working with the LearnServe fellows and watching their venture projects develop and mature. Through LearnServe’s  guidance and support, these students are now leaders in their communities—leading important social interaction and building a more sustainable future.’ – Emily Conrad, Community Outreach Coordinator at Clean Currents”

To read the full blog post on Clean Currents’ web page — including ways you can support LearnServe and our 2013 Venture Fair — visit the Clean Currents blog.


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