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Zambia Day 10 – Daughter Vision

A teacher at Chikumbuso named Gladys has started this girl group that takes place at her house. The girls group is called Daughter Vision The girls on the LearnServe Zambia Trip had the chance to attend one of these meetings. The girls in this group range in age. She teaches the girls so much information on such important information. She teaches them about HIV/AIDS and also important information.Yesterday we had a very interesting conversation about life and growing up as a woman in America ad Zambia. I felt like the girls in Zambia have a false interpretation of how America works. In America every opportunity is not just handed to you; you have to work hard for what you get. Also there are so many  opportunities in America that people don’t take advantage of it. In Zambia they don’t have the same opportunities and when they do get opportunities they jump on it. This girl named Esther was telling me when opportunities come along they don’t let it go to waste. Also we got a chance to give them inspirational advice on life. The most important advice I think we gave them was to always respect yourself so others will respect you. In Zambia these girls are always looked down upon by men. A lot of those girls know they need to have respect for themselves in order to receive respect back. Not only did these girls learn something from us; I learned a lot from them too. Talking to them gave me a chance reflect on the amount of work I have to do when I get home. Preparing to go through Senior year is going to be a challenge, but I know it is a challenge I can accomplish. After talking to Glady’s girls group about education made me want to take school so much more seriously. Knowing that these girls want to go to school and are struggling to pay for it makes me appreciate the free education that I receive.Talking to the girls was emotional moment for me because I haven’t always done great in school and hearing these girls story makes me want to learn more and achieve more for them. Going to the Daughter vision girl group meeting was life changing and i will never forget it.

Niani C., School Without Walls

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  1. It was nice having the learn serve at daughters vision. we had learnt alot. miss you guys. getting back to books.it was a life changing meeting

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