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Zambia Day 7 – “True Life” in Chikumbuso

I remember when I was back home in America and I was watching one of my favorite T.V shows called “True Life”; a representation of different people from different backgrounds with different, cultures, and perspectives. This past week in Africa I felt as if I had jumped through my T.V in an episode of True Life and I was now the foreigner to this entire experience. Today was the last day at the school Chikumbuso (Chikumbuso widows and Orphans project) and I had a tremendous time with everyone. All of the children, teachers, and widows looked at us as a way to gain something. Whether it was money, intelligence,or love. They had open arms and embraced our presence with hugs and kisses. Little did they know we are the ones who gained a lot more than they ever would imagine. Things that we take for granted back at home the children enjoyed so much at Chikumbuso. I had the opportunity to share my love for art with some of the children there and they really love to paint and draw. The thing that surprised me the most was how much they loved glitter. Oh my gosh! Kids came flooding through the doors of the classroom looking for paint and glitter. They also marked their bodies with African tribe symbols and meanings. Today was bitter sweet, because today was our last day at their school. Knowing we left our trade mark for the 2012 Learn-Serve Zambia group serves me well.

Khadijah Wilson, Luke C Moore High School

One thought on “Zambia Day 7 – “True Life” in Chikumbuso

  1. It’s always the little things that leave the greatest impact. I am happy to hear that you all are enjoying your time and creating lasting memories for yourselves and others. We are proud of you all for the work you are doing and the love you are spreading.

    Continue the good work,
    Terri, Avian’s Mom

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