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Jamaica Day 4 – Climbing the Mountain

 Today, everyone started climbing toward the peak of the Blue Mountains  at 12 am.    We were all energized, especially Tavoy, my host brother,  and really anxious to see the sun rise. At first everyone was going at the same pace, but as soon as the trail started to get very steep and rocky, we separated into a slow group and a fast group.  I was a part of the slow group and we had fun and we told lots of jokes and we had a lot of stops, but it was all worth it. While climbing up the mountain Robin did not feel well.  She was feeling lightheaded and she decided to stop and go back.  I was really proud of her.

As we kept going up the mountain, the trip got harder even though some people were very fast, but we each worked together to prevent anything bad from happening.  I was getting a little bit lightheaded and I regret not telling anyone about it until I was actually at the point of almost passing out. While climbing somebody slipped  and some were exhausted, but everyone got through it until the very top of the mountain.  Even though we did not get to see the sun rise because it was too cold, we each accomplished a goal of climbing a mountain and coming down was not as bad as climbing up. I would not regret any part of this because it was such a great experience. While coming down we bought some drinks from a local store and we were all in pain but at least we pushed ourselves to the limit of a 10 hour hike on a rocky mountain.

Amivi Amega

One thought on “Jamaica Day 4 – Climbing the Mountain

  1. Surely each day you awake in the morning will see you expereriencing moments which are be entirely new and different from anything you have ever seen and felt before.
    This is the wealth of the world and the human race. Yet each step forward makes the world smaller and richer.
    You all have also embarked on a journey of personal fulfilment. Extend your hand in friendship and have fun. We are truly proud of you and your courage in volunteering into the unknown or does it so seem only in the beginning.
    All the very best to the group, particularly to Amivi, Atem and Robin. Enjoy every step.

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