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Zambia Day 3 – Africa Directions

Today we went to another one of the African Direction’s Center in Lusaka. Our agenda for today was to paint and design a mural at the center. Unfortunately, we were not able to paint the mural because the Zambians did not have the supplies and materials needed to do the job which was a little disappointing. However, everyone was understanding and we went on to accomplish what we could. The Zambians were very appreciative of our being there and doing as much as we could. We scraped old paint, filled in cracks and holes and painted what we could. When it was time to leave everyone started gathering email addresses, hugs and saying their last good-byes.

Malik Jones (SEED school in Washington) reflection:

Today was an amazing day for me and the others that are visiting Zambia. I went to a youth center to visit African Directions. I was really excited to see the Zambians because everyone of them that I looked at smiled at me, which made me feel welcome. I asked one of the people of Lusaka can he point out a citizen of Zambia when he sees one and how. He said “Yes because the people of Zambia have this type of connection where they hold their peace no matter what conflict is going on, so if there was a conflict going on, they would be the only calm one in the situation.” those words actually meant a lot to me and caused me to realize that I have to learn to control my actions. A lot of the people of Lusaka were so excited to meet us, that they wanted our email address so that we can keep in contact with us.

I am really going to miss the people of Lusaka because I have begun to obtain a small strong relationship with them. The people of Zambia have that certain kind of spark that makes you want to adopt one of the children because of how adorable they are. They also are the reason why I would like stay here longer.


-Malik Jones

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