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Fast Friends

By Chloe Loving, a sophomore at Annandale High School

The LearnServe retreat was one of the most formative couple of days I think I have ever experienced. When we arrived at Chevy Chase High early that Saturday morning, we were mere “acquaintances”. We were not comfortable around each other.  Sometimes we failed to remember names and used phrases like “oh that girl who is wearing the green shirt.” The unexpectedly cold weather and freezing rain not only forced us to huddle together in order to keep warm but also forced us to break down the personal barriers that previously existed between us. Between helping each other overcome our fears of vicious cabin spiders and heights on the high ropes, we went from “those kids” to the LearnServe family. Now we are more capable of helping one another develop our ventures and discussing issues openly without hiding who we are. The past few days truly required us to cooperate, communicate, and provide moral support. I can honestly say that the retreat has transformed me into a better communicator and a more open minded leader.

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