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LearnServe Jamaica: Last Words

Our trip leaders, Ginea & Sabine

This is the last day of our LearnServe Jamaica ’11 trip – and quite a journey this was! Everybody who came along took the plunge to try out something very new – they took the risk of going on a new trip, not knowing exactly what to expect, and were willing to try out new things.

Everybody left behind his or her known surroundings and comforts and, although reluctant at times, experienced how other people live – how they take a cold bucket bath in the morning, walk everywhere, eat a lot of rice and beans with no snacks between meals, and do hard physical work.

The group learned about the origins and work of the organizations we have stayed with – KBC Learning and the Blue Mountain Project – and got to know the people behind these organizations. We were inspired by their work, participated in their projects, and learned how to utilize opportunities and how to take the lead on a project.

They also learned how to be persistent and finish the task at hand, even if they thought sometimes they would rather give up – be it climbing the highest mountain in the Caribbean, or making sure that the library project at Scott’s Hall was really finished before we left.

Working with each and everybody in this group was great – everybody brought a different talent or skill, from playing endless games with first-graders, to knowing how to catalog the library books, paint a mural or improvise.

We are sure everybody will take these experiences with them, and so will we!

We are looking forward to seeing you in September for the action plans!

Soon come…

Ginea & Sabine



2 thoughts on “LearnServe Jamaica: Last Words

  1. Thank you, Sabine and Ginea for your inspiring leadership and for laying the foundation for future learn-serve trips to Jamaica.

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