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LearnServe Jamaica: Guest blog from Ryan

Our guest blogger, Ryan

Hey my name is Ryan and I am one of the students from KBC Learning that have joined the Learn Serve group for part of their trip. I am 18 years old and a Jamaican from Kingston which is the urban part of Jamaica. I came on this trip along with Terrence who is another student from Kbc learning and my two teachers Mr. Anderson and Mr. Maddix.

KBC Learning is a center where students go when they feel like they need additional help in subject areas. This is was my first time doing  something like this and I had the best experience doing it. Going to Scott’s Hall, meeting these students, seeing their resources and being their teacher for the week was an eye opener for me. It makes me reflect back at how fortunate I am and that doing a service like this really has an impact on the lives of other people.

We all worked together as a single unit to accomplish making over the sick bay area, reorganizing the library and also the painting over of the front of the school to make it look better. I got to meet some really nice people on this trip like: Sabine, Maisha, Ginea , Shade, Marwa, Victory , Ralph, Gabby and Nicky. I honestly love these people and what they do.

Sabine is the organizer who makes sure everything runs smooth and is planned out.

Maisha is the hard worker that makes sure that we do what we have to do.

Ginea is the funny out there one that likes to have a good time while doing stuff.

Shade hmm… Shade is the creative one that comes up with good ideas on how to get stuff done , I would call her a visualist.

Marwa has a way with words, every night when we do reflections her reflection seems deep to me like she really knows how to talk very creatively and she has a way with words.

Victory seems like the adventurer type of person that just goes out there and lives her life to the fullest and gets what she wants.

Ralph is the cool guy that has sense of humor and is a really good person that knows what he wants out of life.

Gabby is another hard worker, she never wants to take a break, when she gets started its on and she puts out 110 percent.

Nicky is a fun person she moves quick and knows how to get stuff done fast.

I don’t think I will ever forget any of these people. We got to know each other over the past couple of days we spent together and I feel like we are all good friends now. Its really sad to say goodbye but like all things that have a start it must have an end also. I love you guys and I hope I will be able to see all of you again soon :).

One thought on “LearnServe Jamaica: Guest blog from Ryan

  1. Excellently put Ryan. Your words have captured the essence of Service Learning and Leadership Development. “What you put it will dim in comparison to what you get out” That in itself is priceless and worth the experience!

    Leon Reynolds
    Unit Leader – KBC’s Service Learning and Leadership Programme

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