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LearnServe Jamaica, Day 12: Memories


Where has time gone? Day thirteen? I remember when we were all just anticipating to meet our pillows on day ten, the Sunday of the hike to the Blue Mountain peak. When we finally arrived back to Penlyne Castle, each one of us did not hesitate to go home and sleep the pain away. I remember the first day when we all arrived to Jamaica. The very moment we stepped foot into the Bennett’s kitchen, we could not help but to stare at the refreshments sitting on the counter. I remember the days we spent at the Bennett’s residence. Those day were great. When you mix a great host and hostess with delicious meals with hot water you get the one and only Bennett’s generous hospitality…and a full belly. I remember on day four when we first visited St.Alban’s Primary School. There I met Jasshanie Haughton, the cutest little six year old that I will never forget. My experience with him and the rest of the children at St. Albans inspired me to come back to Jamaica and help out with the educational issues going on. And I even remember the first time I posted my blog entry. The one about the Bennetts being way better than any Bradgelina couple. Well here’s my last post on this journey. I don’t want to conclude it with some sappy ending, so I’ll just say here’s to an interesting, adventurous, physically challenging, extraordinary, long, yet new cultural experience. The days leading up to today have been filled with accomplishments, including today teaching and working at Scott’s Hall Primary School. I will always remember the mural we painted on the veneer of the school. I will remember this trip forever. Then again I do have a trusty journal filled with these memories. Thank you Sabine, Ms.Briggs, and Maisha… these reflection sessions came in handy.

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