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dias 9- 10 (los 3 y 4 de julio) – Sache

Often times people aren’t aware of their surrroundings.

Today, July 4th there was a culture clash between San Jose, who texted on their phone every 10 minutes, and Santa Ana, who payed attention to the lesson. San Jose is the wealthy class of Paraguay while Santa Ana remains in the lower class. It was awkward for other students and I from Learn Serve to be in the mist of that. Bringing two different groups of people from the same area didn’t seem like a hard task, however it was pretty difficult.

Paraguay is a small country and it’s crazy to see a suffering family live right next door to a mansion. The picture doesn’t seem clear. Still, why blame either group of students when they are seperated from one another. Although living such a small distance from each other, some of their parents choose not to look which trains the better off students not to look. Yes, San Jose students are interested because they are here to help. They don’t understand the full effect because their heads are bowed in their phones.

Things aren’t what I expected. I imagined the Santa Ana neighborhoods with children who weren’t taught to go to school everyday or put their trash in trash bins. There is a big contrast beteween what I imagined and what I actually see.

This is only the first day working with the different classes. Hopefully by the end of the week the students from Learn Serve can make Paraguay a better place. I’ll help teach San Jose how to socialize and help out more with what they can. Also, teach Santa Ana to be more open accept that help from others without being afraid. From there, it shouldn’t be a promblem with needing help to improve the Santa Ana community.

Sometimes things are so close that we ignore them. Santa Ana and San Jose are the perfect example but by the end of the week the strings will be attached.

– Sache

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