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Day 12- el 6 de julio

Since Monday I have been part of the sports group (but don’t let the name fool you- it has nothing to do with sports).  The purpose of my group was to organize and distribute all of the clothes that Learn-Serve collected before the trip.

In the morning we passed out tickets to the houses in order to know what each house needed and to know who will get the clothes.  After lunch we organized the clothes by what each house needed.  Tuesday morning we passed out all the bags we had put together.

It felt great being able to see the people get the clothes.  In the afternoon we passes out request slips to people so that we could get more clothes to give out to other people who need them.  Then, Wednesday morning we went around and collected the clothes from the houses we had asked to donate.  At first we were afraid that we wouldn’t get anymore clothes because we went to three houses and didn’t get anything, but then one house gave a lot and another did as well.  It didn’t matter that most did not give because those that did gave a lot.  It was good to see people who were willing to give what they had.

We organized the clothes for the houses and in the afternoon we return to the streets to pass out the clothes.

Where these people live is not fit for anyone.  The roads are hidden by water and the houses are like sheds.  Then there is a river, but it doesn’t have any running water, just trash.  When you see it you feel so disgusted and it makes you wonder how any government could let their people live like this.  But despite these living conditions, the people of Santa Ana are great people.  They are not letting their situation control their lives.  They are taking charge and making a change in their community.

– Natasha

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