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LearnServe Jamaica Day 11: Empowerment


Here I sit splattered in paint thinking about this past week. For the past two days, I have taught the cutest little grade 2 class, eaten American french fries, danced in pouring rain, and helped paint the front of Scott’s Hall Primary school, All while, interacting with these hilarious new friends that are students and teachers from KBC Learning that I call,“ The Three Stooges”; TJ, Ryan, and Giovanni with some Jason on the side. Unfortunately, There only four days of Jamaica left. During this journey, I would say I have faced many feats but overall it has been fun. This is my first time out of the US but this trip has definitely shown me that the world is a huge place with lots to see and do. I plan on doing many more volunteer projects. The children and people I have met really touched my heart and there is absolutely no feeling that compares to being surrounded by hugs and kisses from children who you have impacted forever. This will be my last blog post and I think a good way to end my blog is with a free verse I composed about how this trip has inspired me :

Empowerment By Victory Betts

On this journey I felt empowered when I was sitting at St. Alban’s surrounded by children giving all my love and sharing my soul with there beautiful, loving faces, touching hearts in harmony with nature.

On this journey I felt empowered climbing a mountain, not just physically but in my mind that I can do anything and a mind is a powerful thing

On this journey I felt empowered by being recognized as my own unique, individual self and not being classified with the status quo.

On this journey I felt empowered painting a message that lays a foundation for the future of a country !

Writing this now, I feel empowered reading the challenges I faced and the few moments I’ve

embraced with so many more to come.

“STRONG POWER !!!” ( Maisha Duncan )

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  1. I love this Victory and these words will help me remember the significant contribution you have made to our country. Thanks.

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