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KP on July 5th Back at Africa Directions

Well finally its my turn to write about my entry in the daily blog. So let me cut to the chase: today was a very interesting day for myself; it had its ups and downs but in the end it ended quite well. The day started off quite well unlike yesterday’s eight hour bus ride from Livingston to Lusaka. I did not sleep well the night before because I was worried about something, but we were allowed some extra time to sleep in and relax for a little bit.


Our day started around 10:30 a.m. when we headed off to Africa Directions in the Mtendere Compound. When we got to the center we were ready to go! It was explained to us earlier that we were going to be painting and intreracting with the local kids. There were little options when it came for things to do. Noni, Maya, Bryon, Liz, Jessie, Nadja and some others and teachers were painting a small performance space. I was outside playng with some of the kids who were in the center at the time. I got little drum lessons from a few of the people who were at the center. I found it quite difficult at first to get the hang of the drums because I had never done that before. Truthfully at first I had no idea what I was getting myself into. After a while I got the hang of playing the drums. The drawbacks were quite painful on my fingers.


While I was outside having the time of my life, the other fellows that were painting got into a little paint war. It was so funny because a majority of the kids came out covered in paint. Take Nadja for example: her whole face and basically her whole body was convered in white paint.  Lots of paint was wasted but it was not bad because it allowed us to bond with each other and the kids at Africa Directions and have fun.


Later in the day at Chikumbuso we got a introduction to what goes on there. A fun part at Chikumbuso was the play pump. A play pump is like a merry-go-round that pumps fresh water from the groung into a storage container. It was very fun for the group to play on.


Well thats what my day was like, SO IM OUT!


(Koon-Peng “Kp” Missana)

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