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Day 8 – el 2 de julio

Just a week into this trip and I can say that I have a new family – The LearnServe family.  I am so happy to say that!  However, I never thought I would’ve gotten this close to a set of people so quickly.  I never even thought we could get any closer that we already had, but we did today.

Today was our bonding day.  It was no work, just play.  We had a 5 hour bus ride out of Isla Pucu to the Itaipu Dam where we shared jokes and stories and with that we got even closer to each other.  Again, I never thought we could get much closer.

Then, we had our reflection meeting where EVERYONE cried.  Why was it so emotional?  Because everyone felt touched and changed by the people of Isla Pucu.  This Paraguayan experience changed us all for the better.  We appreciated the simple things we had back home and appreciated the people who helped change us.  And with this, we got even closer.
When we went back to the Dam that night, it was amazing for the only reason of it being  Sache’s (my host sister) birthday.  We just all enjoyed spending time with Sache for her 18th birthday and I think this was a good closure to our bonding day – just sitting with my family and eating a Paraguayan birthday cake.
– DeRicka

2 thoughts on “Day 8 – el 2 de julio

  1. I really enjoyed reading this and I am happy that you all are having life-changing experiences. Make the most of it all.

  2. DeRicka…I really enjoyed reading this blog entry as well and the impact LSP is having on you and others.

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