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LearnServe Jamaica, Day 5: Patience

Our blogger, Nicky

Hi! My name is Nicky. I am a recently graduated from a Maryland high school and I’m looking forward to starting my college career this fall. This summer I had the opportunity to revisit Jamaica but with a different agenda through LearnServe International.

Today, was our last day at St. Alban’s Primary and I had the chance to lead a group of young children in a reading activity. I read them a story titled “My Body,” which focuses on significant body parts. As I played teacher, I was able to build on some of my skills. The children showed me just how much patience is needed to teach a group of young people. I realized that I am not as patient as I would like to be and that I sometimes have unrealistic expectations. I expected the children to me as mature as me, forgetting that they were children. I feel like what I learned today about myself would help me be a better volunteer for the remainer of the trip.

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