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LearnServe Jamaica, Day 5: Meet the children

Our blogger, Ralph

Greeting’s Everyone,

My name is Ralph. I attend high school in Washington, DC and I am a volunteer with Learn Serve International.

Today was a long day. Fortunately, after long and hard work, the overall experience was good. Once we arrived at St. Alban’s, I was ready to work. This was our last day there, so I had to give the kids my all.

The kids love to be in pictures. I think it makes them feel important and special. After each picture, they would run up to me and ask to see it. All I heard was, “Sir, Sir may I see it”. I didn’t mind though, because if that is what makes them happy, then it surely wouldn’t irritate me.

Sabine playing with the students at St. Alban's

I then went to sit with the kids playing the play dough. This girl by the name of Alicia, generously offered me half of her seat. She was very mature for her age and had a fun personality to work with. She even wanted me to help mer make an “I love you” sign, and she said it was for me. Before I knew it, she was up dancing and showing me that she could jerk! I wasn’t surprised, seeing as though all of the young kids in the U.S. are just as grown.

While working in the lab, I found myself working with little Carlton again. He kindly asked me to work with him. Carlton is a nice yet wild child at the same time. He reluctanly wants to do work at times because of his distraction with pinball. Fortunately, I was able to keep him under control just in enough time before he started complaining that the story I had him reading was too long. I even got past him sucking his thumb. I’m learning to have patience with kids, because I usually don’t.

Overall, today was a good day. As a group we ate beef patties and coco bread by the waterfront. Afterwards, we were able to tour the money museum and drive up the hills and get a tour of this obstacle course for army men. Later we ate dessert at a family owned restaurant called the Mountain Edge Cafe. It was nice being in the hills with its calming atmosphere, and the fruit punch, waffles, and carrot cake didn’t hurt either. Now, as the day winds down, I’m tired and ready to go to bed. For the next four days, we will be in the Blue Mountains without any internet so no one will be able to blog. So until next time folks, peace and love.


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