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Impressions of Africa Directions from Sam

At Africa Directions today, I got a glimpse of urban African life.  Riding the bus through the dirt roads of central Lusaka and seeing the poverty stricken urban homes and people was eye opening for me.  I had never seen anything like that before.  Seeing the seemingly terrible quality of life was depressing.  I couldn’t imagine how anyone could stand living in those conditions. But when we got to Africa Directions and met all of the local people gathered at the compound, we saw that they were happy, carefree, and really enjoying themselves.

I was so surprised at how they could be loving life so much in their current environment.  It was inspiring to see these people, who had so much less than me or any one my friends back in America, living life so fully.  Mark, the director at Africa Directions, told us earlier in the day that doing things sucessfully in life isn’t important; as long as you do them with love, everything will work out.

This way of thinking is what allows many of the local Zambians to live happily the way they do.  They don’t need to have expensive, western food or a big house in order to be happy.  As long as they love, live and have fun along the way, it seems that they will continue living the joyous lifestyle that I observed.


#ShoutOut to @mom and @dad and @jane, I miss you guys.  Hope everything is great.  Love you guys. Seeya soon.

(posed by Sam Lipscomb)

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