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Hemos llegado en Paraguay!

Welcome to the Paraguay Learn-Serve blog 2011. We have safely arrived in Asuncion, tired but collectively excited for all that is to come! Over the next two and half weeks we will be sharing our experiences with you through this blog. Look out for a new entry every day or so. Each student will contribute one blog entry decribing both the events of the day and his/her own personal reflections. To begin, here are the initial thoughts and feelings of all of the participants on the trip.

Robin, Central – “We are here to learn as much as we can and to experience all that we can.”

Nattasha, Central – “The flights were all good. The layover in Lima, Peru made me feel like I had been there all day. The sleep I got was good enough to keep me charged for the day. I miss you guys.”

Marnie, BCC- “My first real taste of Paraguay was waking up this morning to sounds of drums and trumpets from a parade. Though Paraguay’s bicentennial was last month, the people were still celebrating, showing the pride that Paraguayians have in their country.”

Kemari- Cesar Chavez- “Heyyyyy mom! I am safe, the plane rides were cool, especially for it being my first time. It is great here, I am having a great time, and I’ll see you soon.”

De’Ricka, Cesar Chavez- “My life has already changed. I’ve gotten closer with all these wonderful people. I think I have a new family now. It’s amazing how this happened in 24 hours. Imagine how much closer we will get over the next 15 days.”

Disa, Richard Montgomery- “After breakfast, Robin and I ventured outside the Hotel Chaco to partake in the parade passing by; the parade was sponsored by the students, teachers, and alumni of El Colegio de San Jose, in celebration of Parguay’s bicentenario. Afterwards, on our way back to the hotel, we browsed through an open air mall and colorful souvenir shop.”

Dina, Rockvile- “So far, Asuncion has been an eye opening experience. It is so interesting to speak to others in Spanish and become exposed to a different community.”

Rosaline, Bullis- “I made it to Paraguay! The travel here was long and tiring, so we are all glad to be here. I hope you traveled safely to Korea and are having a lovely time with the family. Please say hi to all of them for me. Remember to take lots of pictures!”

Yoni, Field School- “The first feeling in Paraguay is freedom; free from imperialism and industrialism. The landscape is pure, untouched by the man’s iron hand.”

Jeremy, BCC- “I am having a great time. It is interesting to experience another culture.”

David, Bullis- “Asuncion is an awesome city and I’m glad to finally be here after 24 hours of travel. This trip will certainly be a cultural experience and I can’t wait!”

Aaron, BCC- “Right after arriving in Paraguay I discovered my purpose. I need to connect with the community, capture the experience, and give all that i can give.”

Daniela, Northwestern- ” The trip to Paraguay has belt more like a long journey and I’m so anxious to being our adventure. The country is beautiful, the people are pretty nice so I can’t wait to start working with the local people.”

Sache’, Ballou- “The thought of leaving home for 16 days is a very sentimental feeling. Now I realize how I left home for a great purpose so I feel a lot better.”

Joe, BCC- “As I step out of the hotel I already feel like I have learned a lot about Paraguay. Today there was a national pride event to represent Paraguay’s 200 years of independence The culture around us was awesome to see as well. I can not wait to see more.”

Dan, Teacher, Bullis- “Hey everyone, we made it! Things are going really well and that rush from travelling has hit me once again. See you all soon.”

Kathryn, Teacher, Cesar Chavez- “The highlight of our 24 hours of travel had to be watching our girls spontaneously decide to lead countless icebreakers, brain teasers, and group games during our 8 hour layover in Lima. 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1-CONTACT is a new one for me! I am excited to see them apply this leadership and enthusiasm as we meet new people and have new experiences in Paraguay!

Caitlin, trip co-leader, Cesar Chavez- “We made it! The 24 hours of travel went surprisingly quickly. Returning to Paraguay is a great feeling, and I cannot wait to return to work with the inspiring Paraguayan youth and adults who set a wonderful example of what it means to make change in one’s own community.”

Scott, trip co-leader, Learn-Serve director- “What Caitlin said.”

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