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Friday, June 24

Please understand groups sometimes have a mind of their own. Our group finally made it to Lusaka, our Zambian homebase, with nothing more extreme than a funny story here and there. Everyone had a great attitude, showed amazing patience, and were overall rock stars on the 24-hour odyssey.

Here’s 24 hours in our “typical” journey from Dulles to Lusaka:

9:00 AM  Arrive at Dulles Airport bright eyed and ready to wait

11:00 AM Begin boarding Ethiopian Air for our direct flight to Addis Ababa

12 PM Depart for Addis Ababa

12:30 AM Arrive in Addis Ababa (this was actually 7:30 AM in Addis). Change gates, layover take a bus to a new plane, change planes.

2:30 AM Depart Ethiopia Air for Harare, Zimbabwe

7:00 AM Land in Harare, wait on plane, take off for Lusaka

8:00 AM Land in Lusaka, Zambia (this is actually 2 PM in Zambia), deboard, go through customs, collect bags (no bags were lost or damaged!), find Gaby.

9:00 AM Take a bus (or cab if you are lucky) to Juls Guest House and get ready for an amazing experience.

(Posted by Topher Kandik)



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