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First impressions by Brittney Bowles

We finally made it to Zambia after spending over 24 hours in multiple airports and on multiple planes. On the first flight I sat by Bryon and this Ethopian man, Mele. It was nice talking to him at first but then he never stopped. And while we had a talkative person, Kylie and Sam had a rude lady. Kylie said that lady spilled her drink on her and told her “you”ll live,” then she used her napkin to wipe her mouth instead of giving it to Kylie. Kylie ended up having to ask me for a napkin.
Nadja and I had a horrible experience trying to use the restrooms in the airport at Addis Ababa. The bathroom was all the way on the other side of the building. In addition to that the line was  extrememly long because the bathroom was only three stalls.
Finally we both made it to a stall and noticed too late that NEITHER OF OUR STALLS HAD TOILET PAPER! We both asked someone  to give us some toliet paper, and a lady gives us one travel size tissue. We both said thank you went to go wash our hands with the little bit of soap the bathroom had.
After all of that we settled into Juls Guesthouse around 5:00 pm. After that the boys played with footballs and soccer balls outside, while the girls talked inside. Our first dinner was good. The ladies who work at the guesthouse prepared it for us. We had rice, chicken, beef, and vegetables. We were told that we should be drinking 2 liters of water a day. We also wrote in our journals today and talked about our do’s and dont’s for riding on planes. Tomorrow we will be going to the market and some of us will be going grocery shopping.
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