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Arriving in Carapegua

This morning was our first morning in Carapegua. We arrived yesterday afternoon to be received with a huge reception at the local school. We sang both national anthems and the principal of the school welcomed us with a lot of warmth. From the local school, we visited the Plaza in Carapegua where our entire group touched base. We all get along really well which is great!!!

The teachers went to the homes of Paraguyan teachers and the students went to the students’ homes to spend the night. This morning we all met up at the local school and separated into groups. The students gave the kids at the school basic computer training while the teachers talked about their teaching methods in the USA and exchanged ideas. Tomorrow the kids will be doing various projects with the local kids at their schools. Most of us are painting the local schools. For the most part, the food is great and everybody really gets along with one another.

(Note: due to technical difficulties, we have been unable to post photos from LSP ’08. We hope to have this sorted out soon!)

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