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“Ambitions”—David Kaunda Day 1

During our group reflection, I was asked what stood out most to me at David Kaunda. I thought about the simple things like the way the school looked or how the school day was structured. But then I looked a bit deeper into my day there, and I realized dedicated the other students were. They were insanely smart and movitaved. My partner was a 12th grade boy who wants to be neurosurgeon, and with his dedicaton I do not doubt that he will accomplish his dreams. Also many of the other students that I spoke with wanted to be doctors or engineers. All the kids in my grade want to be fashion designers, interior designers, or pursue a career in a field where they will simply make a lot of money, but these kids had real solid goals. They all want to be something important or do something to change the world. I think this is very admirable. Many of them are also so aware about the HIV/AIDS crisis, and they are dedicated to find a cure. Everyone there was so kind, compassionate, opened there arms to us and fully embraced us. It makes everything we do worthwhile.

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