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LearnServe Paraguay is entering its fourth year with this summer’s trip.

We started with an exploratory visit in 2005 and three short years later, we are fully engaged in two communities where we work with local youth and teachers to promote urban (with the Santa Ana Community Center) and rural (with Institute Desarrollo and Carapegua Superintendents Office) development. This year will be unique, however. The efforts of LSP07 have resulted in a donation of 280 computers that will be central to our work. Over the next 18 days, we expect that the LSP team will learn about the power of youth and education in the transformation of a country at a local level. We will share cultural and educational experiences with students and teachers in three communities, starting with the Patron Festival in San Juan Bautista, traveling to rural community Carapegua and ending in a marginalized neighborhood in the Capital City. We hope that our blog will share our experience, our joy, our sadness, and most of all our growth as we learn about the challenges of this small country and the amazing Paraguayans that tackle them.

About the blog

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